Holistic Therapies

Holistic comes form the the word ‘Holism’. 

This refers to the idea that natural systems and their properties, should be viewed as ‘wholes’ not as a collection of parts.

The ‘whole’ is regarded as greater than the sum of its parts; and those parts can not exist separately.

Holistic approaches focus on the whole person (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional elements) rather than just on the illness or dis-ease within the body.

All treatments offered are holistic.


a form of healing developed in Japan very relaxing


working with the reflex zones on the feet for overall health and well being.

Stress management:

Workshops and Indian Head Massage


a form of holistic massage with aromatherapy oils; a deeply relaxing treatment. A perfect antidote to the tension, and the stresses of modern life.


Holistic therapies per hour £30-£50

Workshop and retreats individual prices new 2018 dates to be announced soon.

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