Elaines Shiatsu and Holistic Therapies, available in Bristol and London

Distance Healing

For Shiatsu I’m offering 3 types of online treatment:-

  1. Transformational dialogue/ support (supportive dialogue session to presence what is going on with the client, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, then using exploration to work with what is most relevant and needed by the client in the moment). This can be a very powerful and insightful way of working and can have profound effects to really move what’s stuck and causing imbalance and problems.
  2. Supervision / support talking through connecting into body through 3 burners (lower dantien, middle and upper burners) doing some easy guided movements and stretches to rebalance.
  3. Distance energy shiatsu / healing.
    This is done with the client using distance energy work. This can be a very powerful form of working and clients’ get feedback after the session and a copy of the session notes. This can be a very useful reference for them.
    Prices £25. -£45