About Me

Elaine West IIHHT; DS; MRSS
Registered UK Shiatsu Society Practitioner (www.shiatsusociety.org)

I have been practising holistic therapies for 14 years now and Shiatsu since 2003. My training in shiatsu was with Keith Phillips at the Bristol school of shiatsu. www.bristolschoolofshiatsu.co.uk.

My studies are on going and I continue with self-development work both in my personal and professional life. This allows me to facilitate deeper healing within others I believe.

I am very passionate about holistic therapies and believe that every human being innately has the capacity to heal given the right environment.

I have worked in the field of addiction and recovery for the past 14 years and continue to do so providing auricular acupuncture sessions.

My other passion in life is horses and I use holistic therapies with horses, which are extremely responsive and sensitive to touch. I love to combine the two and continue to learn from my equine teachers!